Often times, I find my interests broadened beyond the point any one website should ever be forced to contain them. For the convenience of an audience that often doesn't share common denominators, I've taken the liberty in the past (and likely again in the future) of splitting the blog into a number of formats and locations, collectively known as A&G Knowledgeworks.

  • An Auditor and a Gentleman - the sine qua non without which the rest of the network really need not exist. A&G is the spot for actual serious discussion of topics concerning ethics and morality, as well as the broader topic of "reason", so science and education often gets thrown in there as well. It's worth a browse if you're curious in such areas.
  • Zaxton Aerospace Exploration Agency - admittedly a dumping ground for one particular player of Kerbal Space Program's projects, the ZAXA blog is also a place for space news and occasional tutorials on actual physics topics of relevance to space exploration.
  • CG's Adventures in Johto - Written, maintained, and edited by contributor Communeguy, this is literally just a dumping ground for pokemon nostalgia, and probably not worth a look beyond taking a look.
  • The Donnovan Kline Internet Library - a place of collection for the various works of short and serial fiction executed by the A&G Knowledgeworks team. Editor's Note: 2014/02/02 - Website currently under construction.

In addition, please take a moment to check out these wonderful people, none of whom are paid advertisements and all of whom are excellent in my estimation.

  • Quite Simpy Studios - Burgeoning graphic and textile artist KQ Simply hosts a wonderful array of sample artworks, including, I am told, her portfolio. KQ's work is playful and illustrative, but maintains a very clear, professional presence. Editor's Note: Feb. 2, 2014 - Website is currently undergoing a reconstruction.
  • Sl33k Studios - To which Communeguy, an A&G Contributor, is an infrequent contributor and for which he is a named staff member.

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