Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Quote Catechism?

An earlier quotation from the Catechism of the Catholic Church brought attention to the fact that no rational explanation for the choice of Catholicism had yet been given.

Catechism is, in effect, the educational curriculum of the Catholic faith; it holds all teaching of the church on matters of theology, at least the principle concepts. The current version of catechism used by the Catholic Church was published first in 2005; for the thirtieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II). It was published in 2005, with the first English edition in 2006. At present it represents the most current compendium of the Catholic Faith.

To examine the CCC point by point and offer critical analysis, while an interesting (and underway) project, would occupy far too much memory and space as to be possible as a Blogspot post. The said commentary will be made available upon its completion, likely in Microsoft Word 2007 format or Portable Document Format. However, a partial analysis serves the current purpose.

The choice of a reference to the CCC in an earlier post was a casual one, but not without merit. In the public dialogue, Catholicism is widely considered to be the most rigid and orthodox form of Christianity. It seemed poignant  therefore, to demonstrate that even the "rigid" Catholic Church believes that Genesis was a symbolic work. It was not necessarially an out-and-out endorsement of Catholic doctrine.

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