Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ask the Auditor

Let's try something a little different. I'm throwing this post entirely open to user comments. Ask me whatever you like and I'll get my answers to you as soon as I can!


  1. Speaking of homosexuality issue, since you made a lot of notes there, got question; from what I see, lynching homophobic or individuals with such tendency a bit became as common as they lynched the homosexual and somehow accepted socially more. I mean, the lynching did not change in its very nature. Whats your take on this? Only thing changed is that the table turned. The nature of the lynching itself, I think, is the fundamental essence of hatred, that they want to remove in this society, or should we just accept that all the humans are phonies in a way :P

    1. Good question. This depends on the context in which you mean "lynched". Obviously violence inflicted against another is morally wrong in almost all cases (save self-defence) and certainly is wrong in any case where an individual is behaving violently as the result of a difference of opinion.

      If we're using "lynched" in a less literal sense, I'm ambivalent. The throwing of vitriol is to be avoided, but homophobes should be careful not to dish out what they cannot take. Hope that answered your question.