Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Union of Heavens: Jin Hou Dan Cong

Self-Taken Photo
A few weeks ago, an internal contest with Teavana employees has had us all scurrying around and tinkering with tea blends. This is one of the blends I have made that doesn't actually qualify, so I thought I would talk about it here. All it would have needed to qualify was a third tea, but I find that to be the punch that Ali never gave Foreman when he was down...

Jin Hou Dan Cong
This tea is a rich blend of Golden Monkey tea (a famous Chinese black tea - very tippy with cocoa notes) and our Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong (rich and smokey). Golden Monkey, known more properly as Jin Hou Cha, is one of the 10 Famous Teas of China and a very popular tea from Fuijan and (if I haven't lost my mind) Yunnan Provence.

It's taken some doing, but I've gotten the flavour balanced just-so, so that the sweetness of the Phoenix Mountain is balanced perfectly by the bitterness and cocoa notes of the Golden Monkey. Thus, I have created Jin Hou Cha Dan Cong - a fine tea for fine tea drinkers.

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