Friday, July 5, 2013

Lunch of the Week: Teriyaki Tilapia Obento

My new lunch-box
 My new lunchbox arrived today!

Well, technically, I think it arrived yesterday, but either way, it's here now, and after an arduous walk up and down hill in today's "feels like 36" weather, I finally have my lovely, faux-laquered bento box.

To celebrate, I've packed a lunch for today consisting of the following:

  • Zushi Rice, consisting of medium-grained calrose rice that was simmered in straight water before being seasoned with rice wine vinegar and just a tiny amount of sugar (to take the edge off the vinegar);
  • Red Bell Pepper Rings, taken from "ancient"-strain peppers that have more of a pepper shape than a bell shape;
  • Green Beans, simmered in water that was seasoned with Tamari (a traditional, light soy sauce) and crushed ginger;
  • Teriyaki-Glazed Tilapia, also with ginger, and;
  • Topped off with a cheddar-cheese CalorieMate and a Gouda Babybel.
When you put that all together, it looks something like this.

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