Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to Work

I have always enjoyed titles that ring true on multiple levels. In this sense, I can think of at least three which spring readily to mind, which of course means there are likely several more that will come to me only well after the fact.

The first and most interesting layer of meaning is that I am once again employed - I won't say where precisely but it's an industry in which I consider myself proficient and to which I am simultaneously proud and reluctant to return. I can guarantee that all of you who don't previously know the truth of the matter will guess wrong, but that's okay, because today is 22 January and it is as good a day as any to be wrong about something, and what could be of less consequence to be wrong about than the profession of some pseudo-anonymous blogger whom you don't know and who can't even organize himself well enough to give the blog a coherent theme.

Which brings me to the second and most relevant news item to all the various readers I may or may not still have and that is that I am, as you probably guessed, continuing, or rather, re-starting my work here on Auditor and a Gentleman. Since writing is how I handle my thought processes best and I'm going to be consume drive space somewhere by doing so I figured it is best for everyone's general entertainment to do so openly, and for me if those helpful readers occasionally clicked that little donate button up in what I believe is still the top-left corner, that I would use up some of Google's massive data storage capacity rather than cluttering up my own plentiful drives.

Because I am coming back to a blog which had a stated purpose and never followed it, I thought it might be fun if I narrowed the scope of the work here just a tiny bit. While no old material will be removed, going forward we will focus a bit more on that subtitle up there, which is an announcement in two parts: firstly, I'm going to finally find a way to reconcile my philosophical waffling, and secondly, I will be starting a new essay series in the very near future here entitled Ladies and Gentlemen which will not be, as it sounds, a regression to Victorian gender politics but an advancement of the principles of the gentleman into a modern age which doesn't care what gender you are.

The third layer of meaning to the title is that I have been getting back at my fiction writing. A new collection of moderate-to-hard Science Fiction tales is in the works and will be published free of charge through a service yet to be determined, once it's actually together.

Lastly, and not at all related to the title, I am presently in the process of moving to a new city, largely because of the first layer of meaning, but also because I have been away from the Lovely Lady for entirely too long to be tolerated any further. So again, I'm going to ask for everyone's patience while I get my business sorted out, and if you could find that nice orange button and give it a click to help defray the costs, I would be thankful.

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