Friday, November 18, 2011

Ah, Interesting!

My old chemistry teacher in high school never let us say "Oops"... everything was always interesting. That just struck me as worth mentioning.

The world of physics was shaken up a month or two ago when researchers involved with the CERN and OPERA laboratories announced that they'd first observed Neutrinos (very small non-interacting particles that have all sorts of wierd physics attached) to have passed c, the speed of light through a vacuum and the long-held theoretical speed limit of the universe. At the time, I agreed with most that such results were interesting, but I speculated that they were subject to some form of an error or another.

Well, it turns out I'm wrong. A multinational team lead by Thomas Adam of the University of Strasbourg's IPHC laboratory (who works on the OPERA project) has published new results. These new results still haven't been peer-reviewed, but they strongly suggest confirmation of the original results. Neutrinos travelling faster than they should be able to would open up all sorts of very interesting avenues in science, even if they open no new practical applications.

The science is still developing, but here's the original report of the group, in all it's jargon-laced glory. As far as I know I violate no copyright or intellectual property laws in posting this link. I should make it clear that I'm not affiliated with the host or the authors of this paper in any way.

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