Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Question of Leisure

Of late, I've pondered the difference between having a healthy appreciation for leisure, and being truly lazy. To be fair, I'm aware that I place a high value on the former and a negative stigma of sorts on the latter. I think there is a certain extent to which one must use the principle of fairness in considering the question. Certainly, the company one keeps will make it easier or more difficult to be productive and have a strong work ethic, but they  can also make it easier to spend your entire weekend seated, most comfortably, in your favourite chair, on any of a number of pursuits.

I'm not saying that hanging out with one's friends, playing games, watching the television or surfing the web are inherently bad things or that working and keeping the hands and mind genuine busy are inherently bad things. I'm thinking that there must be a balance, a work-leisure or work-life balance, that is different for every person... but I imagine there are bounds.

In any event, and within the context of my own life, I know I could work harder than I have been. I do it on a regular basis. The question is what is sustainable for the next year, or five, or decade, or lifetime. I could run an experiment, of course, but that might be a bit to anal.

Just thinking out loud.

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