Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Sunday Night Faith Update: Just Living

A very smart poster commended on the last post I wrote about my personal adventures with faith, and though they preferred to remain anonymous, their comments were none the less rather enlightening. Good, sage advice for anyone who is just starting to consider that aspect of life.

This is the part where you'd almost expect some sort of revelation I had taking that advice... I hope that's not the case, because whoever is will be walking away from this post disappointed. I haven't had a revelation. I don't even have a convenient excuse. The closest thing to the truth that I can reach for would be that I've been busy, but so much of what makes me "busy" is well and truly outside the confines of anything that you could call important, or mandatory. Anyone who's correlated my posting schedule to the operating hours at the community college has probably already figured out that I do most of my writing during my school hours, so you can imagine that I don't have that much homework at the end of every night, either. I'm a full-time student without part-time employment, I can't even use that excuse. If you really want to know what's been filling up my time, it's been simple. Conversations with a special someone. Games of KOTOR, Minecraft, WoW, the latest Deus Ex. Stock analysis for my absolutely imaginary portfolio over at Investopedia (I'm up, thanks for asking). Research planning (not even the actual research) for a business plan. Writing in about fifteen or sixteen different fictional capacities, depending on mood and inclination.

I'm busy with make-work, you could say. It's what has my attention. And to a real extent, it helps. It keeps me entertained enough that I don't have to ask myself anything. This time of year, that can be very helpful. Someday soon, I'll have to sit down and listen to that advice I was given.

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