Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday's a Work Day: The Projects of the Coming Week

Gold Sum/Green Terror. Because I can.
So, as most of you know I now work on Saturdays. Well, I've almost always worked on Saturday and since I graduated college in 2010 I can probably count the number of Saturdays I've had off, while employed, on my fingers and toes.

Because of that, I wanted to give a little sneak preview of all the project I've held on standby, quite often by accident, that are getting a kick in the pants this week.

To begin with, there are about 150 species that I am loosely cataloguing in a series of care sheets. Since this unpaid hobby-work that just happens to be tangentially related to my employment-work, I'm going to make the full library available, probably either through a download page on this blog, or possibly through the establishment of my own personal website, as the Bernardin and Doris Salunier Memorial Electronic Library. Provisionally, that library will be expanded with new care sheets as I obtain time, as well as perhaps articles, open-source e-books, and so on.

Lately, I've been working on my own tanks. Between the re-scape, establishing a split-tail Betta tank, and re-configuring my stock lists, it's about that time for a youtube upload. In that, I might also reveal some of the more technical projects I've been working on. Here's a hint: Industrial Plumbing.

I enjoy tinkering, as you may or may not have known.

There's a reasonable chance I may do a minecraft video for the Communeguy channel in the near future as well, if I can get about 12 hours of contiguous "Zac Time" at some point. In it, I'm going to explain what this contraption here is, build one, and show off my idle tinkering of the last three or four months. For that, we'll have a lot of ground to cover.

And that's not all in terms of gaming projects.

As we go, though, I should also get another episode or two of the Deus Ex playthrough ready to go. It's older footage so the quality won't be quite fantastic, but my brain won't let me work on projects I've already worked on without some serious grousing.

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