Friday, June 21, 2013

Seven Quick Takes on Taking Takes.

I still feel like this guy.
--- 1 ---
So, I've been made a supervisor. Depending on how you slice your authority (if you're an authority-over-title type), this is actually the highest-ranking position I've ever held anywhere. So far, not a whole heck of a lot has changed, except I no longer need permission to do certain things, and I have bypass controls for the till to do things that the cashiers should be allowed to do anyway.

So, mostly, all I've got is a heavier set of keys. And the same job as always. Only moreso, or something. So... yeah?

--- 2 ---
I've developed an over-fondness for serving food over rice lately - probably an offshoot of a recent trip to a local Japanese restaurant where I had my fill of proper Japanese food and then some. Having said that, I've been eating rice for years and I generally prefer it over potatos. Really, I could live just fine by occasionally changing up my rice-eating with Pasta. It's also a tie-in to my shiny new Bento Box which was, in part, my birthday gift to me, though it was retroactively made-awesome by another gift, so now I need a new birthday gift to me.

Now, what I really need to find is some dashi mix or even dried kombu or bonito, to dress up the rice a bit. I tried just seasoning it with tamari but it made it too dark so I dunno.

Note to myself for the future: Talapia hates ginger.

--- 3 ---
Never a one to argue with anyone about anything, I'm not going to point out how fallacious the idea that the major parties are haranguing each other over fiscal ethics when they're all mired in the fiscal ethics scandal. I'm definitely not going to be voting exclusively green or independant in the coming election now because of the scandal. Most certainly, I won't be trying to get all of my friends and allies to do the same.

I'm innocent. Honest.

This photo is still overused.
--- 4 ---
So, as I've been hinting, the ol' birthday is just around the corner, so to some extent I'm starting to get excited about it. In point of fact, I have no plans, no real plans to make plans, and I work the actual night of, so I'm probably not going to get up to much.

As a bit of a fiscal windfall, my birthday happens to fall in a month with three pay periods this year, so it's almost like math is giving me a birthday present. And when you think about it, that's pretty damn cool.

--- 5 ---
Spending most of my time working with hopelessly liberal liberals is making me sound further and further right all the time - at least economically.  Therein lies the problem with politics - there's too many axes and issues to properly align yourself with any one party or even any one ideologue.

It's also making me remember precisely why I believe in restricted access to freedoms but having those freedoms in spades. Like enforcement for laws against underage drinking...

--- 6 ---
Well, I've done it again. I just can't for the life of me keep rosemary alive for more than a couple of weeks. Go figure.

--- 7 ---
It is settled, by the way - I will be changing my stocking on my tank, so it's worth stating here that I'm taking dibs for the fish giveaway starting now.

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