Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tactics Out the Window: It's Time for Sudden Death!

Real-Life Spelunking
Those of you who have been following the blog for a while (that is, everyone who's actually following it on the blogger engine itself) know that I used to post a lot more frequently. A few might remember that I used to post about things of substance, things that involved more mental effort than recording the remains of the day in a journal. I used to make videos for a while, too - fans of the Communeguy Channel and people who are following Sl33k Studios could both use an apology since I haven't put any game videos out in a while, and fans of the fish, well... I haven't written or vlogged about that recently, either.

I have the raw footage and stills for a new fish video gathered up, and I'm sure if I wasn't so busy trying to catch up on sleep on my days off, I could have put together an episode or two of Let's Play videos soon, as well.

Basically, the only games I play now are handheld, when I play them at all, and then only because I have time to play them at work on my lunch break.

So no game videos, no real blogging, and so on.

Tell you guys what, though. If only once a week, I will do one of the three. Honest.

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