Monday, August 19, 2013

Everything is Coming up Goldfish!

Ranchu Goldfish (C auratus) A&G Photo
I'm presently in the process of enjoying my last week with the fish that I have. Soon I plan to do a small move (not the MegaMove!) in order to better finance the MegaMove!, which means that I also plan to give my fish away. People have now pretty much entirely called their dibs, so this isn't the time or place for discussing who gets what.

What it is a good time for, though, is daydreaming. See, I have a large tank, and for a few months now, I've been wistfully planning about 80 different ways I could stock the tank. Huge communities, a few key African Cichlids, so on and so forth... but none of the ideas was really jumping out as the right one.

Then, suddenly, it hit me. A small number of ornamental goldfish.


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