Saturday, August 10, 2013

Have Pen, Will Write - and a Myriad Other Tasks!

It's not often you get an opportunity to do this in quite this way, but what can I say - a good worker uses all of his tools.

My name is Zachary J. Adam, and I'd like to welcome you to an Auditor and a Gentleman. I'm sure quite a few of you have already been welcomed before, and for those of you who haven't, I hope you find your stay (however brief) enjoyable, at the very least. This blog is, in some sense, more of a commonplace book than a proper publication  - like so many of its fellows, it tends to collect all of the mental clutter of the writer, with no particular pattern, and in no particular order.

In that sense, it's actually a fairly useful tool. For one thing, it's proven a decent place to stick the odd animal care sheet, recipe, bit of trivia, or secret blank-verse poetry. It's also a good way for readers unfamiliar with my work to familiarize themselves with my tone. I don't have much fiction up yet - though I do have plans to do stand-alone short stories in the near future - but I've covered just about every form of essay. Politics, science, news, the arts (particularly food and literature)... it's all here. Somewhere.

Why bring this all back up now? Well, there's two reasons. We're rapidly approaching our 10,000th page view here - once I trim the statistically-significant number of hits coming from obvious spam/search bots - and that itself seems to demand taking the whole thing a bit more seriously. The second reason is that I'm looking to expand my horizons.

I'm moving soon, to a nearby city, and I don't have a gigantic web of contacts to bring with me, nor am I exactly sitting on a goldmine at the moment, so I'm leveraging every strength I have. While I look for work in Fredericton in more traditional ways, I also want to make it perfectly clear that I am not at all opposed to freelancing work.

Presumably, most requests I would get would come in the form of writing or editing, as my work with would suggest, but I do want to make it clear I'm comfortable with other tasks as well.

See the contact page at the top for information on how to get in touch with me, if you'd like something written, proofed, calculated, tabulated, or otherwise analyzed.

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