Thursday, April 17, 2014

14,000 Pageviews

So while I was working on avoiding the dazzlingly boring reality of the fact that I work for a living, and simultaneously avoiding the reality that at some point in the next week or so I am going to have to come to terms with the idea that the antisocial are unreliable and the borderline sociopathic are irresponsible and I will, at some point, have to clean up after others, I logged into blogger.

Now, this is not an unusual keystroke for me to make and it is, in fact, a keystroke, or at least a series - alt-shift ntb has the fantastic property of opening a new chrome browser tab to the blogger dashboard if your computer has the same general configuration as mine. I come to blogger something like 20 or thirty times a day, mostly just to close it immediately, but also because I have a few different blogs on my reading list like A Woman's Place and Crescent's Edge and a few others which have mostly lapsed, and these are places where I occasionally direct my brain when I'm not watching youtube or otherwise wasting time on the internet.

However when I logged into blogger this morning for the first time ever in order to check my reading list and browse for comments since I don't have email notification turned on, I noticed that An Auditor and a Gentleman is at precisely 14,000 views. Before I go on coming up with complex justifications for thanking people I want to geek out and have some fun with statistics. Firstly - it has been 1,041 days since the first post so if you are counting that's an average of about 13 hits/day... actually, it's closer to 14 but I don't like rounding up.

So the first post on Auditor and a Gentleman was the thesis statement that explains the subtitle and is, these days, largely ignored which was called The Idea, and The Method. Perhaps unsurprisingly this was one of the least-viewed articles ever, at least in terms of direct views, and it shouldn't come as a galloping shock to anyone that it's so ignored here I didn't even remember writing it. It's difficult to define the least-viewed post of all time because there are so many that nobody directly viewed at all - I have a bad habit of forgetting to use the page-break tags and therefore most people seem to just read directly from the homepage, so there's that.

Now, if you want the most viewed page of all time that is my post on Tie-Dye, or Synsipilium Cichlids. In fact, by and large my most popular pages are all either my tea reviews (which have stopped given my recent decline in availability of good, fresh teas and the slow transition to coffee) and my fish care sheets, which have more or less stopped because writing them makes me want to take up aquaculture again and I simply don't have the space or money. It's a little bit like sending me to a restaurant and telling me not to eat anything.

In fact, all of the top ten posts are either tea or fish related except for two: Faith is the True Shibboleth, and A New Kind of Spam.

Now, onto the thanks: thank you all of you who check in every day or have subscribed by either adding me to your own readerlists or to your RSS feeds or however you're keeping track.

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