Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back in... White?

Not Blowing Smoke
So, I had absolutely nothing official to go on when I had ordered in a new set of knives - I was basically tired of dealing with half-rate toy knives from the major department retailers and I longed to return to the world of steel that can actually be sharp.

But, today, I had the unusual (for me) and exciting task of going to a local commercial dealer to pick up that most ubiquitous of tradesman's garments - a white, double-breasted jacket.

This is because I am very pleased to announce that I am resuming my apprenticeship by forming part of the opening team at Vault 29, a new restaurant that's going to be opening in the downtown area around the middle of may.

This is particularly exciting as it involves the settling of a few old scores by mostly refusing to keep score, which is a personal triumph all things considered.

So yeah, watch this space.

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