Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Saga Continues

Canadian Politics
My American viewers are probably somewhat less annoyed with me for the moment, since I'm not boring them with our politics and certainly not antagonizing them with theirs. That's not because nothing has been happening - we have lots to talk about, from the closure of my province's last abortion clinic to the absolutely ludicrous relationship my southern cousins have with firearms and the terrifying way that a secession crisis in Ukraine that was bolstered by US interests is rapidly becoming a problem for all of NATO.

But I can't talk about those things, because first Canada has to figuratively and literally clean house. Toronto, which most Canadians will never be to, is the forth or fifth most populous city in North America and commands unusual attention both at home and abroad - recently largely because Mayor Rob Ford is an admitted alcoholic with substance abuse issues.

While I can't condemn alcoholism or addiction given their nature as mental illnesses, I can certainly condemn lawbreaking and untoward behaviour. An exciting development last night (today?) was that Ford is taking a Leav of Absense to deal with his issues, so I am putting everyone on notice: This month, there will be politics.

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