Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Appologies

A few days ago now, I seem to remember posting a rather short post promising to deliver number of posts that have so far failed to materialize. My default behaviour in that case is generally to address the issue with citation of poor work-life (or I suppose school-life in my current situation) balance, prior commitments, or a lack of available information. In this case, the problem is more of a creative-energy lull combined with far too much information.

For example, the Attawapiskat crisis can be sliced about a hundred and thirty ways, and I can't even pick up the knife to do the slicing before I've decided where to come down on the issue, which was made more complex a few days ago when the chief/ranking member of the reservation asked the third-party managers to leave.

And as far as Epistimology goes, I could take a whole semester's worth of spare periods to study it and barely scratch the surface. Now, bear in mind that I probably will make a study of it, since epistemology and ontology are the two founding fields of what we call metaphysics, and without either I can't even begin to address the question of So who is this God person anyway?.

So in the meantime, I will be able to have something roughly legible appear around here some time today, but don't expect it to be any sort of grand, illustrious commentary.

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