Friday, February 3, 2012

The penalty for being a Fascist

The penalty, in a truly free and just society, for being a Fascist, is being known as a fascist. The penalty for being a racist is to be known as a racist. A number of people learned that the hard way this week when a coalition of well-intentioned crackers broke into the user databases of prominent internet hate groups and released lists of usernames and their real-world identities.

The CBC, always hungry for a story without real substance (to avoid reporting on C-32, which some have branded as Canadian SOPA), interviewed some of the victims of this terrible "invasion of privacy". One man actually complained about it while saying "I still hold my beliefs and I am proud to do so!"

So then, sir, you're proud to be a neo-nazi so long as nobody calls you on it? Good to know.

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