Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Housekeeping

100 Posts!
Blogger informs me that this is my 100th post, though I imagine a few half-started diatribes on nutrition that were never published are included in that count. In any event, 100 is an auspicious number and I felt it was time to do a little housekeeping, namely: Acknowledgements, Restated Goals/Policies, and Questions!

Chiefly, I'd like to acknowledge all of you, my readers. I won't deny that watching the hit-count climb is a motivator for me to keep doing what I'm doing, and I get a kick out of knowing which topics really set you guys off, because blogger plots readership on little line-charts and there's always a major spike when I've touched a nerve. Thank you.

I'd also like to thank a few individual people. There's my lovely partner, Katherine, for keeping me honest and smacking me upside the head (figuratively!) when I wander into the realm of patronizing my readership rather than actually saying what I believe. Kat's helped me through good times and bad, and I've come to think of her, among other things, as my second-brain: our late-night discussions of almost any topic always help me to clarify what I believe, and that's an invaluable service where I'm concerned.

And, you know, being the most awesome person on earth. There's Cam over at A Woman's Place, who has twice now provided my largest to-date readership bumps (for covering my coverage of R. v. Effert and, if I recall correctly, for directing attention to a diatribe I wrote about marijuana). Cam's blog is at times cute, at times informative, and almost always worth the ten minutes or so a day it takes to read.

Then, finally, there's Nathan Cullen, NDP Leadership hopefully who, full disclosure, I promoted in my previous post. When I linked the post to twitter, I included the Leadership Race hash-tag and his personally twitter link in the tweet, and so presumably he and a number of his readers have wandered onto the site. Enjoy, and I hope you stay!

Restated Goals
I'd like to take the time to make a slight adjustment to what it is we do here, and how we do it. As you can see above, the subtitle of this blog is "On Faith, Friends, and Function", but routine readers will note that I mostly talk about politics here. That in itself is only a small facet of what was intended, and what I actually do and think about in the run of a day. Ergo, I'll be speaking more generally.

I also want to increase what television would call "viewer participation". In doing so, I am removing comment moderation. Huzzah! Say whatever you want, honest.

So, I want to ask you all a few questions. What do you feel like reading about in the future? What have you liked and disliked so far? Where am I wrong, annoying, or mistaken? Let me know in the comments.

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