Wednesday, February 8, 2012

US Circuit Court: Prop. 8 Unconstitutional

Coming in last night on the heels of news of Rick Santorum's Political Upset in three non-binding caucuses in the US was news that a US Circuit Court has overthrown California Prop. 8 as being unconstitutional. The ban on gay marriage remains in effect pending an appeal, presumably to the United States Supreme Court. The ruling was predicated not on religious freedoms but on the concept that the gay marriage ban is a form of discrimination.

I'm not a homosexual, and to my way of thinking, that's not likely to change at any time in the near future. I'm well aware that many Christian organization (as well as other religious groups) protest that gay marriage is a violation of the sanctity of marriage. In fairness, though, at least from a catholic perspective, so is being married by a justice of the peace. So is divorce. So are quickie-marriages on the Los Vegas strip. Marriage has a sanctity about it dependant entirely on the feelings of the married.

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