Thursday, April 26, 2012

Politics vs. Issues

As a general rule, I try not to let politics affect my voting decisions. As anyone in my class is now probably painfully aware, there's a massive difference between the right choice to make and the popular choice. So I try not to let individual politicians sway my thinking too far, and focus on individual issues.

Sometimes, though, there comes a moment when a politician is too willing to lie to you or too stupid to know he is, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently learned the hard way. During debates in Parliment over extending the Afghan mission, he accused NDP leadership of being "pacifistic" (as if that were somehow a bad thing) and said that the NDP leadership was against acting against Hilter's Nazi Germany in 1939.

The New Democratic Party was founded in 1961. You missed the mark by more than two decades. Congratulations, sir. You just made it impossible for me to vote for the Conservative party with you at the head. Which was a shame, because when it comes to Arctic Sovereignty, I was actually starting to favour your party.

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