Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scientology? Scifientology, maybe.

So, the people who hang out around me and try to prod me into a rant have been asking about Scientology, and I wasn't going to come out and say a word, until new hit the wire today that Narcanon Trois-Rivieres rejected a withdrawal patient outright, charging his mother $10,000 for 1 week's stay before throwing him on a bus bound for Toronto.

I don't actually have a problem with Scientology's theology, excepting of course that it's hard to take anything written by a writer of speculative fiction as divine revelation, especially when it's of the same genre as his previous titles. My main problem is with the behaviour of Scientologists and the way that the "Church" treats its own. When you start copyrighting and classifying religious material, it's your own fault if you get called cult-like... just ask Freemasons everywhere.

No, my main problem with Scientology is the way individual Scientologists behave on the whole. The ones who respond to being asked to answer questions about their faith on camera with a string of serious but fruitless accusations, the futility of which cheapens the severity of the crimes purported, and does nothing but convince the rest of us that you're indoctrinated beyond the point of holding sensible discourse.


On the whole, it's no way to behave... and precisely the problem I have with Westboro Baptist Church. Never mind their oppressive practices, never mind their wealth-based "enlightenment" portfolio... it's being rude.

By the way, the woman in Toronto is getting her money back. Son's homeless and still hasn't received treatment.

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