Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I figured it's high time I did one of these, after having read a few Cam's done over at AWP. Telling seven short stories quickly is easier than telling one long story not-so-quickly, and since there isn't much ready to move yet on either of the big commentary pieces I wanted to do, this is a good start!

--- 1 ---
Work is actually going really, really well. I'm as pleased as is humanly possible with the quality of our tea and that makes it very, very easy for me to stand there and tell you why you need it and how good it is. The product speaks for itself, the people are receptive to it, and I essentially get paid a quarter over the minimum to stand around all day, drink fantastic tea, and show fantastic teas to fantastic people. Tea evangelism is pretty much my thing and there aren't too many varieties that I'm leery of moving. Thank God for how well this job is going and how quickly I was able to find it.

--- 2 ---
I haven't had a lot of free time lately, and it's funny to see which projects "made the cut" and which projects haven't. Personal writing has pretty much come to a grinding halt while I work on role-playing such as this nifty set of mourning ceremonies, including a mass, for a fictional Cardinal. I always feel kinda goofy attempting to write a mass, but that is almost certainly because I am hypersensitive about making mistakes.

Other projects that have proven surprisingly resilient are: improving my home on a friend's private minecraft server, the blog, and the odd bit of political commentary.
--- 3 ---
To my great amusement, the Kat came down this weekend in order to surprise her mother with a visit, and she got a chance to visit me. It's always nice seeing her after so long apart, and it's the sweet little moments like today that make the grind worth grinding. Six years and counting, and our relationship is as healthy and mature as it's ever been.
--- 4 ---
Bleh, I never make it to mass anymore. Last time I went to Mass what Easter, and there's a few really good reasons for that: namely, I've pretty much worked every weekend since then (hard to believe it's only been a month since!), and it's hard to convince my knees it's a good idea to walk to mass, then walk to work. Believe it or not, the timing on that actually works nearly perfectly, provided I walk at a good klip and make it to work by noon, which is a relatively easy thing to do?

The downside? It's a small parish. I know most of the people at the parish, and a lot more of them know me than the obverse. That means that my absence is conspicuous and my presence doubly so, especially being as familiar as I am with Father Paul. The practical downshot means that it's almost more embarrassing to go than not to. The upside? That sort of thing is temporary and entirely in my head. I have every intention of going this week.
--- 5 ---
I failed Math. Those of you who've known me any length of time are re-reading that statement to wonder if I made I typo. I didn't. I failed math. Technically, I failed it twice. The upshot? Math's a correspondence course for me now and I can complete it at my leisure. The downside? It's a $270 correspondence course, plus textbook. Whoops.
--- 6 ---
Sneak peak into the pipeline: Bill C-38 is a train wreck. You'll know a bit more about why later in the week, but suffice it to say it's going to suck.
--- 7 ---
As a general rule, I tend not to stick to devotions that have a high time cost, whether that cost is manifest through preparation time (such as the LotH, which takes me almost as long to set up as to say), or through the actual execution (such as the rosary). Is there ANY reason whatsoever for a layman not to undertake lectio divina? Further, is there any reason whatsoever not to have tea while doing it?
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  1. I like to do lectio divina using the Word Among Us magazine (with daily readings version). The daily readings are laid out for me, I don't have to look them up or hunt them down, and since it's printed but not my Bible, I can take my pen and underline and make notes to help me focus and think.