Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Favourite Blends from Teavanna

I'm hoping to do a semi-regular tea feature around here these days, but I should point something out: namely that I work for Teavanna. Now, admittedly, I don't get paid for these advertisements and my pay is exactly the same regardless of whether you get these blends or something else. I just want to share a few favourites I've discovered over time.

Today, I want to introduce you to a favourite hot and cold blend of each class of tea that we carry.

Primary White Teas
Earl Grey White with Silver Zhen Yen Pearl - A double-hit of white teas with a rich bergamot aroma, lending fantastic citrus pop. Properly energizing and refreshing with a minimum of caffeine and maximized Antioxidant content for detoxifying and hydrating the body. Also known as my "Start" blend. Simple flavour to smoothly slide into the day.

Iced Youthberry with Raspberry Lemon Riot Mate - Marvellously refreshing berries and citrus combine with energizing Yerba Mate for a satisfying, refreshing, and punchy beverage that's great on a sunny afternoon.

Primary Green Teas
Gyokoro Imperial with Silver Needle -  Top grade, Imperial Reserve Japanese greens deserver to speak on their own level, and the subtlety of the silver needle white really allows the vegetal tones of the Gyokoro to speak on their own while relaying the benefits and subtleties of a white. A serene blend for afternoon relaxation.

Jingaa Citrus Twist and Morrocan Mint Iced Tea - A double-green iced that's marvellous on the hotest of days. Citrus and Mint combine to create a relaxing, restorative balm for the parched drinker.

Primary Oolongs
Monkey Picked Oolong with Lemon Lime Kampai Rooibos - The subtle and mellow flavour of this Top Ten tea of China lends well to blending, lending remarkable flexibility to the metabolic benefits of a sumptuous oolong. The equally subtle lemon-lime flavour of the rooibos lends itself well to such a humble tea, and this relaxing after-dinner cuppa is a fantastic digestif.

Shape-Up Blend - Served iced, this refreshing blend of Six Summits Oolong, Weight-to-Go, Black Dragon Pearl, and Raspberry Lemon Riot Mate provides the benefits of a natural encouragement to weight loss with the smooth refreshment of an ice tea. A great mid-run beverage.

Primary Black Teas
Golden Monkey with MateVana - Coffee drinkers find their first refuge in the leaf among this rich and smooth blend. The mocha aroma of the MateVana highlights the natural cocoa undertones of this heady top-flight black. Rich and energizing, this perfect morning blend will get even the most die-hard of coffee drinkers energized in the morning, and it helps augment heart health and appetite, making it a fantastic start to the working day.

WeightToGo Pu-erh and Strawberry Paraiso Iced Tea - A fantastic blend of the anti-oxidant rich white teas and the slimming benefits of a top-flight Pu-erh. The berry complexities allow a nice, subtle-sweet iced with an energizing result.

Primary Tisanes
Azteca Fire and Cocoa Mint Black - Rich cocoa with a splash of mint and spice to wake it up. Fantastically warming in these bitter-cold late spring nights.

Sevenberry Sangria and Strawberry Lemonade Iced - Naturally Caffine-Free and marvellously child-friendly iced teas are a wonderful benefit of the Tisane world. Healthier than commercial juices and soda, this wonderfully fruity blend will get even the youngest and most picky child away from her sugary drinks.

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