Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tea Review: An Adjusted Shape-Up Tea

Well it's that time again. I am going to review one of my own blends; a variation of teavana's shape up blend I call Very Berry Shape Up. As always, in the interest of full disclosure, it's only fair that I disclose that I am a teavana employee, but I remind everyone that I am not compensated in any way for these reviews. It's just a bit of a tea desert here and Teavana is what's up.

Now, I also have to open with a few caveats. While I am inclined to believe in the restorative mental and physical benefits of tea, the experience is anecdotal. I have neither the time nor the inclination for extensive double-blind testing to determine if the benefits are placebic or actual. That being said, I do vouch for this tea by saying it is just as effective at aiding in weight contol as with our original shape up, with the added benefit of a better taste, and the hydrating effect of antioxidant-rich white teas.
I combined our Youthberry white tea, the Monkey Picked Oolong, a darjeeling-style black tea named Himalayan Splendor, and, of course, our Raspberry Riot Lemon Maté. The combination of three different teas and a maté might seem strange at first blush (you'll have to pardon the pun), but each are chosen for their associated benefits, which are of special use to those engaging in the athletic study of physical fittness.

White teas, in particular, are known for their antioxidant content (while sufficiently fresh). This lends them detoxifying qualities, but also allows them to be particularly hydrating, which is especially critical for those who are physically active. The youthberry, particularly, adds a pleasant fruity tartness with its açai, mango, and apple pieces. Oolongs are, naturally, good for the metabolism, converying food to energy - the choice of such a high quality of oolong lends longevity to the blend. Black teas are beginning to be understood to positively impact blood pressure levels and general vascular health, and the Himilayan is mild enough that it adds a black tea body to the drink without being a prima donna. Finally, of course, the Raspberry Riot, which includes a bit of a caffine boost, along with 21 vitamins and minerals that contribute to a mild suppression of appetite and a natural boost of energy to eliminate the caffine crash.

The tea itself has a beautiful maraschino liquor, with tue first flavours tasted being the raspberry, açai, and lemon. As the flavour lingers on the palate, the pleasantly astringent and herbaceous himilayan speaks and encourages a second taste. This is especially true in the iced tea, where the lemon is not amplified by the heat of the drink. Overall, the blend is unpretentious, unassuming, and easy to drink passively.

Very Berry Shape Up Blend
Renew your focus and clarify your goals with a refreshing splash of raspberry and citrus. Tart açai and premium white tea combine with metabolism-enhancing oolong and enegizing mate. The subtle bittersweetness of Himalayan Splendor give the tea an elegant, but simple, finish. This wonderful variation of the classic Shape Up blend was created by Saint John resident and Teavana Teologist Zachary J. Adam.

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