Sunday, February 24, 2013

Household Reset Button

My desk looks less like this these days...
I don't get a day of rest.

Now, given that I'm, you know, me, I almost always have my lazy days. Taking an arbitrary day off every week doesn't work for me, though. I mean, granted, I get cranky without days off, just like I get cranky without breakfast or without the occasional sip of nicely-aged bourbon, or without a regular and steady supply of the chemicals my brain has decided are a helpful enough combination to be considered medication.

Having said all that, the day I need to be lazy is rarely the same day each week and declaring a single day as the Day of Rest - even by divine edict - would rarely keep the rest-itch scratched and would only serve to have me set back.

Sunday's actually a pretty important day for me in terms of getting things clean and organized - while I'm guaranteed to work, the work is light, and the shifts are short (ironically enough, due to Day of Rest legislation), so I make it home with enough energy to clean, organize, and in my case this particular week, pack.

I'm moving on Wednesday, and true to my usual form, I have just about nothing done. What's worse, I have to show the house tomorrow, and at the moment, with me having been gone for a week and lazy for the week that followed, it looks like a hurricane blew on through here.

Add another week of missed Mass, I suppose. Lord help me, most days.

Having said all that, I'm actually jazzed about the move and the opportunity it represents as far as buttoning down my house represents. The place I'm moving into has a lot less space for my things - I'm basically taking an apartment with storage and a kitchen and trying to fit it all into an area the size of my livingroom and bedroom.

And more like this... (But I know where everything is!)
It's a step down, I suppose, but there's ample storage for the things I'm not going to need right away, and it poses a great opportunity to get rid of some of the things I don't need anymore, or I should really get around to returning to whoever owns them (I'm pretty sure that that white platter I can see from here above the kitchen cabinets needs to go back to the parish hall and if that's the case I've been lazily not returning it for nearly a year now).

So I'm taking this opportunity to downsize - cleaning out my storage room and getting rid of the things I'll never need but don't want to throw out in case I do (twenty year old low-fidelity desktop computer speakers? Gone. Two-edition outdated food safety code of practice? Gone.), decrease the space these things take up by finding proper packaging for them, and taking inventory so that I don't make the same mistakes again - I'm starting to get famous for buying things I already own.

If nothing else, I'll scratch my OCD, create-systems-for-everything itch for weeks to come.

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