Friday, February 15, 2013

When space attacks: Over 950 Injured in Russian Asteroid Strike

 The CBC is currently reporting an air burst "detonation" of a falling meteor over the Ural Mountains this morning. This event, the same type as the Tunguska Explosion, yielded a blast of several kilotons yield, 30 to 50 kilometers off the ground.

Basically, a small nuclear weapon, less the fallout. Chelyabinsk locals were injured primarily by glass falling from shattered windows. It's unclear at this time, according to Russian health officials, whether anyone was injured by pieces of actual space debris.

I found this article while I was scanning headlines sitting beside a dear friend of mine, who unhelpfully declared that the world must be coming to an end. While I've neer been one to lean heavily on biblical prophesy, I can almost assure you the world isn't yet ending - the only reason for the world to end lies in the Supernatural rather than the Natural and there's been no sign of that coming to pass.

Space rocks get stuck into our atmosphere all the time - frequently strikes go unnoticed and unreported. I've been saying for years now that we're overdue for such an event in a populated area, and it looks like one just happened.

At this rate, we can reasonably expect the next many hundreds of years for now.

In a city of one million persons, about a thousand were injured, and what's more telling, there appear to have not yet been any fatalities.

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