Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pet Shop Update

This aughta tide us all over until I can do some real writing. Still kicking me for not taking more photos on my trip to Fredericton, though.

This is the newer version of the Fluval Spec 5 Gallon. It's actually not a bad set, which suits me just fine - I'd like to see more of these if people are going to bother buying nano tanks.

 This is a White's Tree Frog. It's rather hardy as frogs go and a little more tolerant than some others to being dry... obviously not completely dry, but the tolerance is helpful since the weather is pretty damn cold, which also makes it pretty damn dry.

What's more, their cute, fairly quiet, and rather enjoy their crickets. Other than that, they're pretty docile, and make fantastic additions to vivarium-style installations. I like them.

I'm starting to like frogs in general - I was considering doing a frog tank to house some high-humidity plants I wanted to grow - carnivores, specifically.

In the end, I decided I had nowhere to put it, and just stored away my notes for the project. Better luck next time, perhaps.

Right now, we have them on for a pittance. It'd be worth coming in to check them out - very good frog for beginners, or so I'm told.
 This, this is my new baby. She's a Red Iguana - Iguana Iguana - which is fantastic. They get quite big, remain quite docile with appropriate handling, and are strict vegetarian. This little girl's favourite foods right now seem to be bok choy and mango - both of which she gets only as treats.

Iguanas get big, really big. Big enough that they functionally need a whole room (or at least a large storage closet) for their enclosure at adult size. Not too much of a price to pay, however. They're long lived companions.

And very, very cool.

Take this thing away from me before I buy it. Seriously. I'm held back only by not having the space for it, and that may well change soon, so save me from myself. I'm begging you.
 This beautiful P. Scalare has a fin span of about 6" and is absolutely gorgeous. I'm thinking of bringing him home to fill the gap left by my A. Heckelii, which unfortunately died of ammonia burns to the gills.

Tragic, maybe... but this little cutie is, well, a cutie.
 We also just got a bunch of new discus, of which this orange specimen is perhaps my favourite. I have no interest in running a discus tank - space and funding have pretty much precluded that. Having said that... they are very gorgeous fish.

Cinnamon Conure!

Meyer's Parrot... Michael Meyers, as a matter of fact.

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