Monday, March 4, 2013

Helmet Fire: Tragic Tale of a List Addict

I have new glasses now. Just sayin'.
I mentioned a few posts ago that I was unfit for service as a military pilot because of my eyesight, but that's not the only reason. Frankly, I should never be allowed to fly anything, because I am addicted to lists.

I work best with a checklist to go off of, particularly if it is somehow prioritized, not that the order of the priorities actually matters.

At the moment, that addiction is rearing its ugly head because I still don't have a list for unpacking from the move. Part of that is having yet to come up with a true plan of attack for doing it - a checklist, as it were.

Another part is equal parts laziness and exhaustion. Today's my first day off of work in what feels like a very long time, after long day after long day, and frankly, I'm content to stay in this bed for the rest of the day rather than get up to do anything.

Having said that, except for one small piece of property damage that none-the-less is making ham salad out of all my recreational activities, I'm doing just fine.

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