Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tank Updates!

Dang you, sunlight!

55 Gallon Tall

So, the fifty five has been looking a little empty lately, now that the final Acaricthys Heckelli specimen has died. I'm still not sure what caused the problem as all tests come back nominal - the only thing I can think is that the oxygen content of the water is somehow too low... so we've had a plant renaissance, as I cannot stand bubblers in the least.

At present, the tank is sitting at a rather cool 24 celsius, pH 6.6, which is ideally suited for the tank's current occupants - four Sewellia lineolata Tiger Hillstream Loaches and a ~20 cm P. gibbiceps Leopard Pleco that's going to be leaving soon - tonight, in all probability.

I'm not really sure what I want to put in there now, except to say that it has to be compatible with the loaches and should be free-swimming. As usual, my thoughts go toward Anabantoids, though sometimes I ponder cichlids and knife-fish.

Also, the planting is relatively heavy which is why I'm working on better light systems for the tank and possibly carbon dioxide injection, with current species being E. amazonicus, A grammineus, M. sellowiniana, some sort of Micranthemum (which I hope to train as a carpet), and what was identified as Limnophila spp. but resembles no Limnophila I can find.

The care and feeding of this tank is pretty simple - weekly ~5 gallon water changes treated with AquaPlus and Nutrafin Plant-Gro, with once-daily feedings of four Wardly algae disks and a Nutrafin Pleco Log.

Messy on the inside.

Mongkut's Palace

10 Gallons Freshwater

Not terribly much to report. Everything's doing well now that I've switched to silk plants.

Twice daily, I distract the betta with a pair of Nutrafin Max Betta Pellets and feed Nutrafin Max Colour Flake (a high-protein staple flake) to the tetras with a feeder ring. The apple snail gets to scavenge whatever he can from the glass.

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