Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Partnership with Sl33k Studios

I am very happy to announce that I reached a deal this morning with Sl33k Studios to begin releasing Let's Play with Communeguy videos, video reviews, and the odd written article on their website. Look for my weekly 20-minute Let's Play features starting sometime next week - I'll be rebooting my failed Three-Game-Run of the Deus Ex trilogy by Eidos (and later, Square-Enix) with better sound and video editing, and hopefully, better narration. In the near future, I'll also be beginning a Retro Let's Play series, probably with the classic PlayStation One title Front Mission 3.

If you've never heard of Sl33k, you should check them out. They're burgeoning, younger material, but the potential is there to become a new hub for the gaming community.

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