Monday, April 15, 2013

Digesting the Boston Marathon

So, as you might expect, where I've spent  the better part of the afternoon tuned into WHDH Boston (local channel 7, general purpose NBC affiliate), I've spent the afternoon, the evening, and now an hour or two of the night thinking about, hearing about, reading about, and generally trying to cope with the idea that sporting events are fair game now. I still haven't cut that umbilical, and I probably won't until I collapse into sleep the way I usually do.

In that time, we've gone from eight bombs to three, twenty victims to a hundred, and I've heard every conspiracy from false-flag attacks (which someone asked the relevant governor about directly) to foreign participation.

As a correction, the bomb at the JFK Library turned out to be a completely unrelated mechanical fire.

What I can say, is that I am proud of humanity at this moment in time. I was proud to see absolutely everyone on screen at the time of the blast stop, turn, and run into the smoke to immediately help however I can. I've heard reports from on-the-scene journalists of encountering bloody people with a focused look, asking them if they needed help, and that person simply saying "I'm a doctor" as they carry on their way.

At this moment, when we know nothing, when we have nothing specific to fear, rather than fearing everything... I choose to have faith.

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