Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Halfway-in Thoughts on the Vegan Week Challenge.

So, we're roughly half-way into the Vegan Week Challenge, which I actually started on Saturday rather than Sunday, having gotten all excited for it.

So far, I haven't actually cooked much at home - scheduling conflicts made it impossible to hit a grocery store and restock until yesterday, but now that I have the groceries I need, I've already screwed up the challenge.

I did not pay sufficient attention while I was buying groceries, and the veggie burgers I bought (Yves') contain both milk and egg ingredients. I find myself oddly puzzled by that, and at the same time, perfectly understanding of why that happened at all - difficult to hold together any sort of patty without egg protein.

It was tasty, and even though I'm disqualified, I'm going to keep going with the challenge. I already bought the food and the patties will keep - there's more than enough of the rest of my food to finish out the rest of the week, eating vegan.

I don't feel any healthier than I did before, in spite of spending quite a bit of time crunching numbers and working out exactly what it was my body needed if I was going to stop eating meat, but it's also only been a few days.

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