Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's (almost!) Vegan Week Here at A&G

My carnivorous ethic has always been predicated on two things:
  • If the prime cuts are fair game, everything else has to be too;
  • If killing is fair game, you should be willing to do it yourself.
Recent events have shown me that I'm not so huge on my end of the bargain with the second one, and in honour of being called on it, I'm going to be vegan for a week. Sort of.

The rules:
  • Processed snack foods are fine as long as they are not overtly vegan-unfriendly (I'm looking at you, anything with gelatin!). In other words, during the trail week at least, I'm not going to be anal-retentive about finding the foods I can't eat, and focus on the more positive idea of the foods I can.
  • At least one meal per day must be fully vegan and home-made, to be shown on the blog.
  • I am not allowed to wuss out and start drinking the protein shake powder I've been lugging from apartment to apartment because it "doesn't taste like it has meat products".
  • At the end of one week, if I don't suffer any huge problems, I may revert to my carnivorous ways, but only for foods I have demonstrated a lack of remorse for - seafood.
  • If, at any point hereafter, people take me to Montanas, Churchill Street, or The Keg, all bets are off, and, finally-
  • If, at any point hereafter, I am given the opportunity to kill a cow, chicken, lamb, or so on, and I do so, I am absolved and may go back to being the happy little carnivore I am.
Because ethics shouldn't come with flexible joints, yo.

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