Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Example of a Manic Day

Today was something of a manic day, and the reason I know that is because the train of thought that had defined the day was, frankly, all over the place. Here are just a few of the things that happened today and the thoughts surrounding them.

  • Got up early to shower but wound up spending the vast majority of the time I was in the bathroom reading my book. That happens a lot and its a perfect example of why I shouldn't shower first thing in the morning but do something else first. Normally I try and say the Morning Office, and today would have been perfect since I have the house to myself, but for whatever reason, I wasn't feeling it.
  • For the record, a hot shower and a close shave are second only to a haircut in terms of their ability to inspire a bit of a charismatic feeling.
  • Reheated a small amount of pasta and ate a slice of cold pizza for breakfast. Sunday was always supposed to be a "good breakfast" day but sometimes you have to purge the fridge of leftovers. I've been nursing that pizza all day and there's still three or four slices left.
  • Mass was fantastic, which was unusual, because, in any other setting, most of what made it fantastic would have probably annoyed me. Father's sermon was on the idea of the person as a corporation, referring to the debt of love we owe others as a dividend. He also slipped an announcement in that I would be being Baptised and Confirmed during the Saturday vigil mass, and somehow everyone in the building automatically knew who I was. I got to meet most of the other people who will be helping with teaching this year, and found out I'd be teaching the Grade Ones with the Parish DRE's niece, and while I was being told I was teaching grade ones, I was introduced to the person teaching the next grade, so no pressure or anything! Honestly, though, I feel pretty good about this. Teaching people is certainly something I enjoy and with all the materials prepared in advance I'm pretty confident I can pull this off.
  • I responded to four or five potential buyers for the larger fishtank and spent a fair amount of time stripping it down, but I'll need help to get it off the stand and into the bathroom for a real thorough cleaning.
  • I wasted the better part of an hour taking my own measurements for a suit that I'll probably never buy, because a friend of mine mentioned in passing that I would probably like the styles on a particular website and was right.
  • I blew a particularly large amount of time watching the third season of the west wing, eating the same day-old Pizza, and generally wishing for another root-beer without being bothered to actually go out and buy one.
  • I rewrote my resume and spent a large amount of time putting bookmarks into my old communications book. I also got into an argument with myself over whether or not to include my most recent job on the resume, for which I was fired, and applied for a part-time postion with a car dealership.
  • I wrote three blog posts; an overhaul announcement, the previous writing about bipolar disorder, and this one. And now, I am going to bed.
And that, in so many words, was my day.

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