Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Mild Change of Direction

Good Morning!

It's Sunday morning, so I will be brief, as I still have to go through my pre-mass rigmarole, and actually walk down to the parish, which'll take me a good twenty minutes.

In any event, I'm taking this time to announce that there will be some changes to the format here. While the blog will remain 'catholic' in the sense it will talk about Catholicism and my journey through the faith, I'm going to give it something less of an essay-format flavour and something a bit more like a journal... much in the way that Cam over at A Woman's Place does. The old material will remain available for anyone who wants to read it, and you can expect ideas-based commentary in the future, but we'll also begin take a look at a bit of events-based writing, if only to keep things a little fresh and exciting. Additionally, the blog will be undergoing a name change, and possibly a URL change as well.

If I do change the URL, I'll try to devise a way for us all to know well in advance what I'm changing it to. Changing the name itself really does little other than editing the header at the top of the page. I was thinking "An Auditor and a Gentleman", but since I'm neither a proper accountant nor much of a gentleman, a different name might be better suited.


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