Monday, September 19, 2011

A Last Note on Infanticide

I try not to get too hung up on one topic for too long, and between my classes with the college and trying to get up to speed on the Greek financial crisis and the impacts it's going to have on the Eurozone, the World, and Canada herself, I don't necessarily have the time to write a treatise or anything.

On the other hand, things good and bad have a habit of coming in in threes, and I still have something more to say on the subject. Something I thought wouldn't need to be said, but I'm not entirely surprised to find I really, really do need to say it.

I do, as a matter of fact, feel that the penalties in the Effert case were too light. I feel, to be honest, that the maximum penalties assigned to the crime of Infanticide (as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada) are too light as a whole. In fact, I'm not entirely sure I feel that Infanticide should be separated from Second Degree Homicide at all.. My explanations of the case were more to alleviate the mentality shown on the CA Forums and elsewhere that "Those immoral Canadians have legalized killing infants!" is an entirely vacuous remark.

We need serious criminal reforms in this country, and not always in terms of tightening up the penalties. This is the sort of thing that always reminds me I may very well have politics in my future... I just can't keep my mouth shut when I see something being done incorrectly.

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