Monday, September 19, 2011

A Few Special Projects

I just wanted to let you all know a few of the special projects I'm starting over the next few days.

  • Converting my old fish tank for my younger brother's pet leopard gecko, so that she can have some proper legroom.
  • A full Getting Things Done audit after about three months of not using the system properly.
  • The first stages of business planning to decide exactly what field I'm going to go into when I begin private practice.
  • A full read-through of the Catechism, which I'm annotating heavily, and for which I'd like to thank my confirmation sponsors, Jim and Joanne, since it's something I'd never have bought for myself and probably never have read without a hard copy.
  • A collection of my notes on the same, which I'm tempted to distribute electronically, for educational purposes and under all the appropriate fair-use clauses. Just let me confirm with my law instructor that that's something one can do.
So if I seem sporadic, that's why. At the very least I'll try and come up at least once a night to say something. Cam put a lot of pressure on, mentioning me to her readers! I feel like I'm on a deadline now. (Don't worry, that's the way I like it.)

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